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On these pages you will find some articles and video clips that you may find interesting. While I have selected items that I believe may be of interest to the general public, I do not necessarily endorse nor subscribe to any beliefs that may be presented in them. 

I am Tom Moody

To This Day Project

"I am Tom Moody" provides a good example of how messages received in childhood can become internalized voices that can dictate what we think or how feel about ourselves -- a process that often remains unconscious.

"To This Day Project" is an audio-visual poem about the long-term effects of bullying and name-calling. At once sad and also inspirational, "To This Day Project" turns the focus on the importance of inner beauty.

Compassion for Voices

The Power of Vulnerability

"Compassion for Voices" is about the debilitating effect of the negative voices inside our heads and how cultivating self-compassion can restore balance and peace to our internal system.

"The Power of Vulnerability" is an entertaining account by a social worker/researcher about how she stumbled upon the true meaning of vulnerability and what we surprisingly compromise when we steer away from it.

The Evolution of IFS by Richard Schwartz

In this article, Richard Schwartz explains how he developed IFS by listening to what his clients were telling him about their internal processes of parts. Links are also included to about half a dozen teleconferences that provide a deeper look at IFS therapy and its many applications. To view this article click here.

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