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I see therapy as a collaboration between client and therapist that begins with the creation of a container of safety and potential into which healing can be ushered. Many people come to therapy because their coping skills with life’s challenges are no longer producing desired results. In others, debilitating trauma has sent the authentic self deep into exile and the process of therapy becomes a journey of healing and restoration. Regardless of reasons for seeking it, I believe therapy can help restore balance to our lives and deepen our self-knowledge and our life’s purpose and meaning. 

About IFS

IFS (Internal Family Systems) Therapy is a body-focused modality that uses a collaborative approach that allows clients to identify and then deepen their understanding of the various parts of their personality. IFS has brought a paradigm shift to the antiquated focus of the therapeutic lens on pathology and the extraction of problems from clients. It fosters curiosity and compassion in clients toward their parts with the goal of unburdening negative beliefs, attitudes and feelings learned at different stages of life. The goal of IFS therapy is clients' reconnection to their healthy and authentic core, which brings internal harmony and joy.

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