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I see therapy as a collaborative process between therapist and client that begins with the creation of a container of safety and potential into which we invite healing and integration. Clients often come to therapy because their coping skills with life’s challenges are no longer producing desired results. In others, debilitating trauma has sent the authentic Self deep into exile and the process of therapy becomes a journey of healing and homecoming. Regardless of the reasons for seeking it, I believe therapy can help restore balance to our lives, and rekindle our connection to our core Self and to our life’s purpose and meaning. 

About IFS

The Internal Family Systems (IFS) modality offers a unique approach to therapy that is grounded in the beliefs that regardless of trauma and other challenging experiences, our core Self remains whole and that everything that we need to heal is already contained within us. Through a compassionate exploration of parts that hold emotional burdens from the past and parts that learned early on to protect us from further harm using various strategies we get to unpack the impact of trauma and emotional injuries that have been buried deep inside us. The resulting healing offers a reconnection to our core Self that holds the potential for joy, purpose and equanimity.

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