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About Me

In addition to being a Certified IFS Therapist for over 10 years I am also a lead trainer for the IFS Institute in trainings attended by therapists who come to learn the IFS model.

In my role as therapist, I embrace the privilege of walking alongside my clients as I support them in their journey toward healing and actualization of the deep potential that is held in their core Self. I bring curiosity, care, compassion, and humor to my work with clients, fostering an environment that feels safe and authentic. I am often energized and filled with awe as I witness clients finding their own unique path of healing as they lean in with curiosity and courage to explore their system of parts and are heartened by the potential that is unlocked in the process.


Coming from a multi-cultural background and having lived in various countries I also have a deep understanding of how personal history and cultural and social identity merge to shape the unique individuals we become.



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