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About Me

In addition to being a certified IFS Therapist I also

have two years of training in Sensorimotor

Psychotherapy, which focuses on understanding and

treatment of both situational and childhood traumas

as they manifest in our lives. Aside from a deep

interest in the workings of the human psyche and

brain I am keenly drawn to the fascinating interplay

between the human spirit and the myriad of

experiences and generational legacies that shape our

unique experiences in life.


Coming from a multi-cultural background and having lived in several countries, I have a deep understanding of how personal history and cultural and social identity merge to shape the unique individuals we become. My approach to therapy is compassionate, respectful and empowering. My clients feel deeply held and understood by me, which fosters trust and confidence in the therapy process. The rest is a collaborative journey that requires commitment and trust.



I believe the key to healing rests in the hands of the healer within each of us. I see my role as therapist as a facilitator to the unfolding of that essential process.

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